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New Job Title – Bird Whisperer!!



I’ve just spent the last hour nursing this beautiful Bullfinch back to life. He flew into my studio window and died in my hand or so I thought, but he must have just knocked himself out as he came around five minutes later and then stayed with me for an hour to recover and very graciously allowed me to take some photos……………I see a Bronze Bullfinch in the not so distant future!!


Polar bear statue in U.K. heralds fight with Canadian Inuit over proposed trade ban

A life-sized sculpture of a huge polar bear has been unveiled near the centre of London as part of a bid to rally politicians in Britain and across Europe to back a global trade ban on rugs and other products derived from the iconic Arctic animal — a plan strongly opposed by the Canadian government and Inuit communities that rely on income derived from what they consider a sustainable harvest.

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Boris the Bear, chilling out in Sloane Square

If you go down to Sloane Square today you’re sure of a big surprise……

A great big 12ft, 700kg bronze surprise who goes by the name ‘Boris’. Created by artist Adam Binder, this sculpture of a polar bear will be chilling out (sorry) in Sloane Square for 28 days. Its aim is to draw attention to the face that these animals are facing extinction due to the effects global warming is having on their habitats.

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